Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Stuff

My garden is finally taking shape! Before I left town to go visit our families I planted strawberries (Ozark Beauties and Sequoias), tomatoes (Husky Cherry Red and Celebrity), peppers (Sweet Yellow Bell, Jalapeno, Hot Yellow Banana), Peas (Sugar Ann Snap) and more lettuce (Buttercrunch and Romaine). So far they are doing great. I've got 2 flowers on my Cherry Red tomato and the rest of the newbies are looking good.

My already existing plants are doing FANTASTIC! I have a pictures of the garden when I left--right after I planted--but have yet to take a picture of what they look like now. My potatoes went totally crazy after I left and are now probably 3 time as big as they were! I'll post those tomorrow.

Tonight we ate lettuce from out back! It was the first time we've picked any. I was so excited to just run out back, tear off a few leaves and run back in to wash them! We ate it on our tacos so it wasn't just a lettuce salad...but I'm pretty sure the lettuce MADE the tacos :)


  1. LOVE lettuce from the garden. My lettuce isn't quite "there" yet but boy is it close. I cannot wait until I can make a nice garden salad. I was hoping for Memorial Day....It sure will be cutting it close

  2. Awesome! I'm so jealous! It's been cold here so my poor little guys are struggling along. This weekend is supposed to start warming up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats on your first lettuce harvest!